Sileo Coaching Brand Identity & Collateral

Sileo Coaching, founded by Health Coach and former teacher, Gillian Gabryluk started from an intention to take control of her life. Gillian had a deep desire to offer her family a simple and clear path to a well-balanced way of living. A former teacher with four children, Gillian wanted to forge an entrepreneurial path that gave her family greater freedom of time. Gillian recognized that teaching could take her beyond the classroom and into course creation that made the difference in the lives of overstretched and overwhelmed families.

Gillian shares:

“Making a greater effort to “be still” and reflect on my life revealed that I had been driven by external expectations while neglecting my own intuition.

What followed was an unexpected journey that taught me to lean into intuition and timeless wisdom as my guide.”

Today, Gillian’s mission is shared through Sileo, an organization designed to support others in creating fulfilling lives that lead to true vitality. 

It was an honour to support Gillian in taking her idea from concept to launch and beyond. We worked closely on bringing her vision to life with the logo she envisioned, followed by a larger brand identity concept aligned with Gillian’s values of authenticity, wellbeing and simplicity.


Brand Identity, Website Design & Build, Copy Editing, Print Materials, & Stationary Suite, Photography Plan, Social Media, Signage and Booth Display 

Photography: Sarah Cox Photography


City of Camrose Arts & Culture Master Plan

An Arts and Culture Master Plan creates a cohesive vision and supporting strategy for arts and culture by uniting city goals with community goals.

Citizens, arts and culture providers, and city officials are consulted about what is working well in the arts and culture sector and what could be improved upon. The collected feedback is then analyzed and used to determine recommended actions and areas of focus for upcoming years.

My role as consultant & strategic planner for the City of Camrose Arts and Culture Master Plan involvesd working with community stakeholders, gathering local feedback through interviews and facilitated group conversations, analyzing research and compiling recommendations into a strategic plan.

Conversation Cafés/Facilitation

“Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters,” Dau Voire.

A Conversation Café is a facilitated discussion on a set topic with community members and stakeholders.

This is one of the ways I collect feedback from community groups, as with this project.

A series of guiding principles are used that ensure respectful speaking and listening. All attendees are given an opportunity to speak. The facilitator poses questions addressed by small groups and then responses are summarized and presented to the larger group, if applicable. These discussions facilitate brainstorming and problem solving in community. Conversation Café‘s are remarkable for bringing community members together despite differing views and ideas. They are a powerful tool for creative community building. These images are from an event facilitated at the Camrose Public Library on the topic “What do art and culture mean to Camrose?”.

A Conversation Café‘s may be useful in the following settings:

  • Communities looking for public feedback on a specific topic
  • Businesses or groups wanting input from staff/members
  • Schools or organizations wanting to facilitate creative thinking and discussion
  • Community building

Strategic Planning can give you a roadmap to a community that people want to live, work and create in.

Healthy communities are at the heart of healthy society and offer a place for people to rise to their potential.

If you are looking to support your community in creating positive change, there are several ways that I can help.

My role is to support your projects though:

  • Facilitation such as Conversation Café‘s or Planning Sessions
  • Strategic Plans such as Arts & Culture Plans
  • Community Art & Public Art Projects.


Consultation, Strategic Planning, Facilitation, Analysis, Presentation.

Camrose Women’s Shelter Rebrand

The Camrose Women’s Shelter Society supports women and children in crisis and works toward the vision of communities that are free from violence and abuse. Working with CWSS on the rebrand to support their mission and vision was an honour. I worked with their Executive Director and team (and mine!), as well as their board to approve this project. It was a true team effort with much input from their talented team.

The crocus is symbol of hope, resilience and new life, and the first sign of spring. It is abundant after a fire, has a fur coat and sprouts up through snow.

The prairie crocus is a symbol that all prairie dwellers can connect with. It expresses resilience and has been used as a healing poultice for pain and bleeding.

Using purple in the brand functions as a reference to the first pops of colour against the white snow in early spring and is in keeping with the Family Violence and Abuse Awareness Month.

The three flowers work to symbolize a Mother with children, Community and Stages of growth.

The goal of the website was to make more critical information available to clients and community, offer resources to understand and recognize abuse, connect with clients and feature safe exit features as well as support online donations and event information. Visit the website at


Brand Identity, Website Design & Build, Copy Editing, Social Media Concept, Print Materials, Social Media Banners & Stationary Suite

Dr. Tony Rice Author & Educator Identity

Dr. Tony Rice is an Educational Consultant with a mission to help teachers close the achievement gap and positively impact every student. Working with Tony was such a joy.

We undertook this project with the goal of launching his brand alongside the publication of his book ‘Closing the Achievement Gap, a Guide for Teachers.’ Informing Tony’s book and brand were his 36 + years of teaching, being a principal, and completing his PhD while working full-time.

What is immediately apparent about Tony is his humility and passion for his work. We found that strategy was important to us both and were able to quickly work together to create the brand concept. Tony proposed the idea of the water ripple as a logo concept, as a way of illustrating how one small action can create a much larger effect. Tony calls this the 1% principle and teaches about this approach. 

We also created a WordPress website, social media concept and print resources to launch Tony’s new book and services into the world.


Brand Identity, Website Design & Build, Copy Editing, Social Media Concept, Print Materials, Social Media Banners & Stationary Suite

Fuller HR Brand Identity

Connecting the dots is something that comes naturally to Lisa Fuller, and it’s something that she is known for at Fuller HR. Lisa is an amazing HR leader who ensures that she prioritizes giving back whenever possible. Fuller HR was ready for a brand that showcased their forward thinking firm as approachable and professional. We created an aesthetic and language that featured a coastal palette, simple and playful touches and photos that helped Lisa and her team shine. We love that Lisa Fuller and her company Fuller HR are committed to community impact and even work to support non-profits like the Humane Society in their spare time! Supporting humans and their furry friends is right up our alley.


Brand Identity, Website Design & Build, Copy Editing, Print Materials,  & Stationary Suite, Photography Plan

Photography: Katherine Stewart