Rebranding: what you need to know about surviving the long game.

When it comes to your brand, the sky is the limit! Branding is an art that helps you share your beauty and supports the impact you want to make.

Already have a brand? That’s totally fine, there is still so much we can do.

There are many ways you can benefit from refining your messaging and details to make sure it aligns with your calling and goals.

For example, we can work through your sales funnel with your brand strategy, align your marketing efforts with your communication strategy and ensure your images and identity are up to date. Business owners consistently find that branding helps them find greater meaning in their work, more impact through their offers and even the opportunity to raise their rates.

In fact, not rebranding is something that can cost you revenue, clients and impact. It is crucial to relook at your brand positioning every few years, at a minimum. This timeline decreases if you are not seeing sales and conversion happening. Investing in marketing without branding is a costly mistake that many business owners and directors make. Be sure to revisit your branding with every major launch and preceding your main sales season.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your brand to the next level. You only have sales and clients to gain.

Feeling too busy in your business? A solution that can help.

If you’ve been in business for a while, you may be busy. You may even be so busy that you have so many clients that you feel overwhelmed. You may find that even in your busy-ness, that you feel unfulfilled, like there is a next step to take but you have no time or resources to take it. You may be managing a team and just trying to hold it all together.

You might have no idea that a brand refresh is an incredible solution to your problem.

Here’s why: if you are so busy that you are spinning your wheels, you need to scale. When you scale, you need consistency. Your team needs to use your process, they need to show up as a representation of your strategy, values and organization. This is how you find cohesion in an organization. This is how your clients get great service. You can only deliver at this level if you find the cohesion that a brand and communication strategy provide.

Book a consult and learn how we can help.

When life throws you a curve ball…and then a few more.

Our paths are seldom straight lines. If you’ve navigated some major bumps on the road, this post is for you.

Feeling like your career has lost meaning after loss or major life changes is normal. This is a topic that doesn’t get addressed enough but affects so many people.

Here’s a pattern that we see unfold for many people: life is rolling along comfortably until it’s not. There is a breakdown, a burnout, a loss, a pivot that changes everything. What was meaningful before is different now.

There is an after. Navigating a major life transition brings more of who you are to the table. It is no longer possible to find the same meaning in the way life was before. This reality means either making changes or stagnating.

If you find yourself stagnating, know this, it is not without purpose. Stagnation means there is more of you wanting to be seen, accepted, witnessed, utilized in your life and career. Often a pivot in your business and how you share what you do is hugely satisfying.

We help people rewrite their story to embrace who they are now and write the story of who they are becoming. Get in touch.

Are you an industry leader? Why sharing your story matters.

The path of the leader, the creative, the changemaker is seldom easy. It is often met with resistance, breaking new ground, and coming up against old paradigms as the new unfolds. However, anyone who has done something meaningful and creative has met these challenges.

Here are a few signs that you are meant to forge, not follow:

·      You want to leave a legacy that makes an impact;

·      You know that you’re not just leading a team, but a change that will create positive impacts for many;

·      You bring all of your strengths to work, you don’t accept the status quo;

·      You understand that every step of your journey made you who you are and meant to do the work you do;

·      You have faced challenges and found a way through;

·      You have a calling, not just a career.

If you are a leader, you need to communicate your story in a way that impacts others and motivates them to act. Brand development and communication strategy are how you can accomplish your mission. Ask us how we can help, this is our speciality!

Feeling stagnant? 4 signs that it’s time to pivot your career.

As you grow in life, you may find that your business or career isn’t as fulfilling as it once was. If this is you, know that this is a sign that you’re ready for a pivot and you’re ready to use more of your skills.

Here are some signs that you are ready for a pivot in your business:

· you feel bored or unmotivated;
· you are procrastinating (suddenly folding laundry is more interesting than reworking your offers);
· your clients aren’t your people and you dread meetings;
· you’ve gone through significant growth in your life but your career feels like it’s stagnating.

Finding meaning in your career can be as simple as being honest about your dissatisfaction. You can’t change it without accepting it.

You may not have considered that your brand may be a solution to finding greater meaning in your career.

By looking at your story to find the new gifts wanting to emerge, rewriting your story, and rethinking your message you can find the satisfaction and fulfillment you are longing for (often without the major overhaul you might be fearing is needed!).

Be sure to reach out if you are questioning your path forward and wondering whether a rebrand may be what’s needed for you.