As you grow in life, you may find that your business or career isn’t as fulfilling as it once was. If this is you, know that this is a sign that you’re ready for a pivot and you’re ready to use more of your skills.

Here are some signs that you are ready for a pivot in your business:

· you feel bored or unmotivated;
· you are procrastinating (suddenly folding laundry is more interesting than reworking your offers);
· your clients aren’t your people and you dread meetings;
· you’ve gone through significant growth in your life but your career feels like it’s stagnating.

Finding meaning in your career can be as simple as being honest about your dissatisfaction. You can’t change it without accepting it.

You may not have considered that your brand may be a solution to finding greater meaning in your career.

By looking at your story to find the new gifts wanting to emerge, rewriting your story, and rethinking your message you can find the satisfaction and fulfillment you are longing for (often without the major overhaul you might be fearing is needed!).

Be sure to reach out if you are questioning your path forward and wondering whether a rebrand may be what’s needed for you.