Monique Walsh is an Executive Director in the health care industry. Monique recently started her journey as a consultant after completing her PhD in health care leadership.

One of the goals we had in mind was a tagline that captured Monique’s ability to manage change, facilitate a collaborative approach, and also capture her incredible ability to be the calm in the storm. We also wanted to avoid pigeon-holing her job title as her role often involves diverse tasks. A tagline is something that many people need support with and it’s worth working towards until it sits right.

One element that jumped out when Monique spoke was an image of tree rings in her office. She also used this imagery to describe the organic process of growth that she witnesses clients experience. While it can seem that we may face the same challenged again and again, each time we approach them, we can be sure that we are some place new, just like adding another ring to a tree. This concept became the basis for our logo and visual identity.

In our work together we created a brand identity, communication plan, website copy, a website build, print and digital stationary, a digital signature and a PDF slideshow. Take a peek at some of Monique’s project highlights below.

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Brand Identity, Website Design & Build, Copy Editing, Print Materials,  & Stationary Suite, Power point Slideshow