It’s Your light that lights the world. -rumi

Your brand helps you share it.

Right now, there are people looking for exactly what your organization offers in the way that only you and your team can offer it. How you share who you are and your story is how they will know you are the person and/or organization they are looking for. This is the journey of brand identity development.

Being seen is essential to your success.

Whether you are a heart-centered leader, passionate company director or entrepreneur, one of the hardest parts of growing your business or organization may be promoting your company. Your role may require you to market and position the company in ways that are outside of your areas of expertise while balancing all of the day to day operations and managing your team. It’s not your fault; the truth is that even if you are the best in your industry, you likely weren’t taught what it takes to be a successful marketer or how to effectively share what you do and your value. It’s even more unlikely that you were taught that authenticity is the secret key that you need to do it well. 

By sharing the amazing story of who you are as an organization, and sharing who you are authentically as the people behind the scenes, you can start to magnetize the just-right-for-you clients, stakeholders, funds and team members that you need to thrive all while feeling aligned with your integrity and mission.

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.

-Steve Forbes

Your success is, unfortunately, not guaranteed just because you are exceptional at what you do.

You may have many credentials and years of experience. You might also have a thriving company that is bringing in the wrong type of clients, or leave you feeling unfulfilled and overstretched, or not clearly communicating the value you bring. Maybe your team members just aren’t the right fit and you can’t understand why you keep getting the same types of people.

Non-profits may struggle to secure donors or fill programs because they just can’t seem to connect with people in a way that impacts them or motivates them to act.

Do not invest another penny until you do this.

Before you invest in another design element, ad campaign or email blast, it’s important to take a step back and see the big picture. If you are not seeing the growth you need or you are feeling unfulfilled by your current mission, there is a solution. We need to look at your business identity, aka brand. A brand is not just for huge companies like Coca-Cola. It is something that you need whether or not you are a solopreneur or a city. 

You have a brand whether you consciously create it or not.

If you don’t put intention into creating your brand to accurately and thoughtfully represent you and your values, you will miss critical opportunities to grow. A brand should express the essence of who you are as a person, business, or organization. Without it, people won’t understand the value that you offer and it will affect your income and impact. A brand should feel like an expression of you or your organization, not a persona that you have to step into.

The secret you should know: branding is deeply rewarding.

When you take a step back and look at who you truly are as a company, the impact you want to make, and what your clients truly need, things can fall into place. In fact, you’ll love your company even more, find confidence promoting and have incredible clarity about exactly how to best connect with new leads and stakeholders at every level. What’s even better is that your clients, sponsors and team members will very quickly know that you’re the right fit for them. 


You need an experienced team to get results.

Sharing who you are is essential to your success. 88% of consumers say that authenticity is a key factor when deciding what brands they like and support (Stackla, 2021). Yet, distilling your own story into an authentic brand and understanding how it meets your client needs requires professional support and a proven process.

Clients come for:

Brand Strategy – Consistent and professional customer communications; website, email strategy, social media, newsletter, display and print

Customer Loyalty – Deeper client connection and targeted communications strategy lead to increased sales  

New Client Leads – Brand trust builds customer relationships through consistency

Conversion – Offers can be planned and adjust to customer needs through launches, cross category incentives

Market Awareness – Differentiate your business in a competitive market, market research

Referrals – Leverage loyal customers and incentivize them to refer new clients 

Repositioning – Adjusting existing company brand positioning to align with audience and customer needs

Communications Strategy – Support to develop communication plans for challenging and sensitive topics

Value Adds – Promo items, swag, informational guides, custom cards and handouts

Without the right formula, you’ll stagnate, even if you’re the best in your field.

We offer custom brand and communications consultations, strategy and development for entrepreneurs and organizations. There are three parts to every successful identity project.

We lay a strong foundation.

We make a solid plan and create.

We share your brilliance with the world.

A story is so much more than words.

Your story is not lived in 2D, why tell it that way? We can explore how to communicate who you are and what you offer in powerful ways that expand your reach through video plans, art selection and installation, spatial design, and innovative displays. We have the art and design expertise to find the best medium for the message.


A brand identity will help you share your purpose and mission so you can make the impact you are meant to.

  • Consultation
  • Visual Identity
  • Writing and Editing
  • Website Development
  • Print Media and Collateral
  • Brand Management/Direction
  • Creative Direction (with other designers, photographers, videographers, social media accounts, etc.)
  • Photography & Video Strategy
  • Product Packages & Online Courses 
  • Display, Curatorial, Spatial Design, Feng Shui
  • Strategy & Market Research


  • Industry leaders and visionaries who are ready to grow to the next level with a new brand, rebrand or key project
  • Established businesses, organizations and municipalities who want to to better reflect their vision, mission and values and need strategic guidance
  • Non-profits who want to encourage client engagement and donor support
  • Creative changemakers and entrepreneurs
  • Wellness and medical practitioners who want to promote themselves with confidence and authenticity to reach more of the right clients

Don’t delay your success.

The entrepreneurial path is one of growth and it requires support. Sadly, the majority of businesses fail and many entrepreneurs suffer with mental health issues while desperately working towards success (

The longer you wait to step up and share what you do, the more opportunities you are missing and the harder it gets to build up your confidence and find success. Now can be your time to make the traction you need, step forward as the leader you are and make the income and impact you are meant to.

Do you relate to any of these points?

If so, let’s turn things around.



Compare yourself to peer organizations and feel you’re coming up short

Use blurry images and way too many fonts

Feel unappreciated by over delivering for the wrong clients or organizations that don’t appreciate your genius

Watch people and companies who started after you surpass your accomplishments or success

Spend hours or thousands redesigning your website just to question it again a few weeks later

Worry that you’ll have to go back to or stay in a job that drains you and disappoint your board and/or funders

Let’s get you to where you want to go! Feel excited about your company again.
Stop worrying you’ll fail and start focusing on the amazing people you support.

Client Words:

Lisa has been incredibly effective in helping us with our communications plan. Let’s face it – nonprofits have a lot on their plate and little time and money to do the work we need to do.

By having Lisa work with us, we invested in making sure our vision and mission to the community were clear and concise. It’s important that the community know what we do. She was able to create a plan that gives positive and hopeful messages, even though the work we do is difficult. It’s hard to talk about family violence and not create more trauma for people. She succeeded in a great balance of hope and action.

The best part was she was flexible and easy to work with. No matter what we threw at her, she was able to help!”

Shannon Stolee

Director, Changing Ways

I am so grateful that I met Lisa Borin Miller as she has been phenomenal in guiding me with my brand, as well as designing my logo and website.

I had no idea where to begin and she listened intently and asked me questions in a manner that made it easy. Through that she learned what motivated and inspired me, my purpose, goals, and the type of work we do and clients we support. She also took the time to learn about me as a person and how I appreciated simplicity, being humble and approachable.

She thoughtfully designed all the branding and collateral materials and ‘nailed it’ the first time, every time. She was patient and enjoyable to work with. She found, and amplified, the essence of me and my team and brought it to life and has made an enormous difference to elevate and professionalize the company.

I can’t recommend Lisa enough and sincerely appreciate all she has done for me and my company! Lisa is authentic, kind and extremely talented in the work she does.

Lisa Fuller

Fuller HR, Principal

My most recent clients signed on because they loved the design of my social media campaign.

You’re amazing. I honestly can’t tell you what a difference you’ve made in my life and business. Thank you.

Tracy Brandingen

Realtor, RE/MAX

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