Sileo Coaching, founded by Health Coach and former teacher, Gillian Gabryluk started from an intention to take control of her life. Gillian had a deep desire to offer her family a simple and clear path to a well-balanced way of living. A former teacher with four children, Gillian wanted to forge an entrepreneurial path that gave her family greater freedom of time. Gillian recognized that teaching could take her beyond the classroom and into course creation that made the difference in the lives of overstretched and overwhelmed families.

Gillian shares:

“Making a greater effort to “be still” and reflect on my life revealed that I had been driven by external expectations while neglecting my own intuition.

What followed was an unexpected journey that taught me to lean into intuition and timeless wisdom as my guide.”

Today, Gillian’s mission is shared through Sileo, an organization designed to support others in creating fulfilling lives that lead to true vitality. 

It was an honour to support Gillian in taking her idea from concept to launch and beyond. We worked closely on bringing her vision to life with the logo she envisioned, followed by a larger brand identity concept aligned with Gillian’s values of authenticity, wellbeing and simplicity.


Brand Identity, Website Design & Build, Copy Editing, Print Materials, & Stationary Suite, Photography Plan, Social Media, Signage and Booth Display 

Photography: Sarah Cox Photography