Our paths are seldom straight lines. If you’ve navigated some major bumps on the road, this post is for you.

Feeling like your career has lost meaning after loss or major life changes is normal. This is a topic that doesn’t get addressed enough but affects so many people.

Here’s a pattern that we see unfold for many people: life is rolling along comfortably until it’s not. There is a breakdown, a burnout, a loss, a pivot that changes everything. What was meaningful before is different now.

There is an after. Navigating a major life transition brings more of who you are to the table. It is no longer possible to find the same meaning in the way life was before. This reality means either making changes or stagnating.

If you find yourself stagnating, know this, it is not without purpose. Stagnation means there is more of you wanting to be seen, accepted, witnessed, utilized in your life and career. Often a pivot in your business and how you share what you do is hugely satisfying.

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